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Nourishing Skincare Products

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The Derma:

Nourishing Skincare Products

They say, “Beauty is only skin deep,” a metaphor for the idea that what’s inside a person—not his or her appearance—is what’s important. However, this is also true physically as well: your skin is the largest and most essential organ in your body. Whatever you put on your skin, including moisturizer, is absorbed into your body and filtered through your system. As such, it’s vital to consider the ingredients of any skincare products you’re using – for complete beauty both inside and out.

Fair Maven’s Serums (Cold Pressed Oils) and Low Inflammatory Oils or LIO Line (Low PUFA) have been specifically designed to factor in your health and beauty both inside and out. All products are all-natural, highly absorbent, nourishing and rich in nutrients. Curated, formulated and produced right here in Red Deer, Alberta – we take great pride in providing the best products at affordable prices.

Furthermore, we trust and believe in our ingredients so much that all products are tested on the finest of humans, not animals.

Fair Maven - Skin Care Products - Red Deer, Alberta

Enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Locally Formulated and Produced

Natural and Nourishing Ingredients

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Interested in Becoming Our Partner?

Fair Maven is currently seeking like-minded distributors to market the all-natural and nutrient-rich benefits of our product lines. Our skincare products will offer your customers new and improved benefits for their skin. Businesses such as Aestheticians (for post-aesthetic treatment care), Salons, Plastic surgeons (for post oncology repair and elective treatments) and Dermatologists would all be perfect fits! Reach out today and let’s have a chat about how our products will benefit you and your customers.

Available Serums

Fair Maven - Skin Care Products - Red Deer, Alberta

Healing Night Serum

The Mac Daddy, The Big Gun, the heavy hitter or quite simply liquid gold!  This has it all. Fair Maven’s Healing Serums have been formulated around the healing properties of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and cold-pressed oils. These oils have both anti-inflammatory properties and are thought to reduce scarring, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging – offering maximum benefit to your beautiful skin and creating an overall healthy glow. Whether it be post-aesthetic treatment care, post oncology care or just as part of your everyday skincare regime… the best part, it can be used lovingly on all areas you have skin.

Fair Maven - Skincare Products - Red Deer, Alberta

Healing Day Serum

Fair Maven’s Healing Day Serum is a rich and absorbent serum formulated for daytime use and made without Vitamin C (which can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun). This nourishing serum helps reduce inflammation and creates a gorgeous, healthy glow.

LIO Line

Low Inflammatory Oils & Ingredients

Check out our LIO Line, products created with the utmost care to ensure a reduction in exposure to toxins that exacerbate metabolic issues. Also, they kind of make you look and feel great; a bonus for both health and beauty!

These low PUFA (Low Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid) products do exactly that: they factor in your health and beauty both inside and out. No endocrine interrupters, hormonal imbalances, toxins or anything you couldn’t eat! Although not recommended :). Suitable for post oncology care, for anyone looking to minimize exposure to toxins or who wants to look and feel great.

Body Butter – LIO Line

Born in the depths of deep dark Canadian winter when your skin is on the edge of crumbling to dust. This rich absorbent cream is a dream come true… a little bit of light at the end of the dark winter tunnel.

With a rich blend of cocoa butter and other full-fat oils combined with the moisturizing effects of aloe and vitamin E. Fair Maven’s Body Butter (from our LIO Line) is highly absorbent and acts as an impenetrable barrier, holding precious moisture on your thirsty skin, in any season.



What People Are Saying


I first used this wonderful healing night serum after I had an eye lift done. I was battling with the healing process so Rachel suggested this and oh my… the first night was a huge improvement. Then I had major surgery done on my feet and again, once there were no open wounds I used it again and literally my healing process bounded well ahead. It sped up my healing process and eliminated virtually any discomfort. Thank you, Rachel and Fair Maven for this serum.


I have struggled with acne & pimple scars, specifically on my forehead. After trying out different products, ONLY the Fair Maven serum finally made a dramatic difference on my face. I literally have zero pimples on my forehead now and my pimple scars are way lighter & almost completely gone. Plus, the serum leaves my face with a beautiful glow all day, with or without makeup on. 10/10, would definitely recommend!


I have dealt with some type of redness and dry skin on my forehead for a number of years during the winter months. I have been to several doctors and dermatologists and spent countless dollars on prescription medication with little-to-no results. I used the Healing Serum from Fair Maven for just two weeks and saw an immediate improvement in the health of my skin! Thanks, Fair Maven!!


Hey Rachel, just texting to let you know that I really liked your Vitamin C serum (Healing Night Serum)..it makes my skin glowy! Thank you for the amazing product!


Last year, I had a tattoo/powder brow treatment done and I had quite a severe reaction to the cleansing product (chemical burn). I had used several creams from the pharmacy to no avail, the I thought hmmm what about Rachel’s healing serum? Again, I was blown away at the rapid healing process once I started using it.