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The Lash:

Eyelash Extensions

As an internationally trained Master Lash Artist and Educator, I have learned that with eyelashes, there is no such thing as one style that fits all. Even the most subtle changes can have such a huge impact on your overall look. In a micro-environment where millimetres can make a huge difference, it is extremely important to work closely with each client to ensure the right style, length and VA VA VOOM for their specific taste and desired final look.

Using the perfected technique developed since 2014, Fair Maven’s unique application ensures maximum retention regardless of the style of the eyelash.

Whether you are a full-time Mom, career-driven woman, or planning a relaxing holiday on a beach or mountain – wake up “life-ready” and keep everyone guessing…

Are those lashes real?

Little bits of Black Magic!

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta

Available Lashes


My First True Love. A 1:1 Extension to lash application results in a spikey, textured, darkened lash line. Wake up – Life Ready!


The best of both worlds. The black of the Classic Lash mixed with Russian Volume fluff. A hybrid is thicker & bolder than classic lashes, with tons of texture.


The amazing Russian Volume. Fine lashes are hand-made into beautiful fans attaching between 2-8 fine extensions per natural lash. Fluff fluff fluff!


As the name suggests, this is mega! Mega bold, mega thick & mega beautiful. Each natural lash has 10-16 eyelash extensions, beautifully fanned into a bouquet of very fine extensions.

Eyelash Extension Pricing


Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta

Full Set

Starting at $140

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta


Starting at $60

What makes an amazing
set of  Eyelash Extensions?

Although the inside and outside corners are the tell-tale areas that display the skill and experience of your artist, there are a few other things to look for in an amazing set of eyelash extensions.

  • Extensions should extend to the lash line (follow the upper lid inside to the lacrimal or tear duct or the point at which your eye changes shape) and have a slight directional flare inward
  • Outside corners should not be heavy or drag down the appearance of the eye. They too should have a slight turn outward, just enough to flatter the eye.
  • Inside lashes should be the shortest and move progressively to the fullest expression at the peak of the shape chosen.
  • Are the length and weight of extensions appropriate for the health and longevity of your natural lashes?
  • Look at styling and weight. Are they heavy-looking? Do they appear clumpy? Can you see uniformity across the lash line?
  • Look at the directionality of the extensions, do they flow?
  • Ensure the styling of the artist aligns with your style preference.

100% isolation of natural lashes and extensions 100% of the time. Lashes should not be stuck together, feel “pinched”, itchy or hurt.

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta
Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta

What things should you look for in a Lash Artist?

  • Lashing is an art. A skilled lash lady will consider herself just that: an artist.
  • Look at the before and after pictures. Have the extensions enhanced the appearance of the wearer or do they overwhelm?
  • How long will it take? Full sets generally require 2 hours including a full consultation. Fills no less than 45 minutes for a 2 week fill. Both times apply to experienced artists.
  • Look at the credentials of your artist. How long have they been lashing?
  • Consider the style of your artist, what is their focus?
  • Are Russian Volume fans handmade and customized per lash or pre-made fans?

How long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

  • You will want to focus on retention
  • 2-week fills should have approximately 60% of extensions remaining.
  • 3-week fills should have approximately 40%
  • Your extensions will shed at a rate of 1-4 per day per eye.
  • A majority of the time, your extension should be coming off with the natural lash attached. That is how you know you are experiencing good retention. If your extensions are flaking off, troubleshooting needs to take place to improve retention.
  • You will lose the inside and outside corners first and then they should shed evenly throughout the lash line most often. You should not see gaps or chunks missing between fills.


What People Are Saying


I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a few months now from Rachel. She is by far the best I’ve had. She made my eyelashes look exactly the way I wanted. She is professional and has great prices. Amazing service all around!!!


Rachel is absolutely fantastic. She takes such pride in her work! She does not rush and makes sure you leave with exceptional quality and exactly what she feels will looks best on you. I went to her from another technician and I have seen such an increase in my lash retention time, the amount of lashes that stay on and the look of her lashes are perfect for my eye shape. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you are looking for retention. Her lash studio is clean and she is a great person as well! Go see her…you won’t be disappointed!!!!


Rachel’s lashes are phenomenal!! Cozy, professional environment, welcoming personality, and beautiful long-lasting lashes. Even with a light set, I can go a month+ without a fill and still manage to have lashes when I go back. She takes the time to talk to you about what you want, what lashes will work/look best for you and does her best to make your lashes look amazing and make you feel comfortable. Love love love her work!!


Rachel does the most amazing eyelashes! She is able to look at your eye shape and know exactly which lash style, length and shape you need. My lashes are amazing I do not need any other eye makeup on and at 1 month they still look great. Rachel’s amazing personality is a big asset to her lash studio. Signed by SOOO HAPPY!


Rachel does the most fantastic work I have ever gotten done. She is quick but precise, the way she applies her eyelash extensions have a long longevity and retention rate which means fewer fills and longer wear of beautiful full lashes! Fully recommend her to anyone looking to get classics or mega volumes and anything in-between! 😍


Rachel is absolutely amazing!!!! It’s so hard finding someone who does amazing work and someone you can put all your trust into! I drive from out of town just to go to her cause she’s that good!! Super friendly, professional, and very informative! 10 out of 10 for sure!