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Since 2014, here at Fair Maven, I have been perfecting my techniques in eyelash stylings by offering beautiful eyelash extensions to clients in Red Deer and throughout Central Alberta. By incorporating new techniques learned through extensive training and my ability to visualize how subtle changes can impact the appearance of my clients, Fair Maven Eyelash & Beauty Studio has led the way in customized eyelash extensions.

In 2018, as an extension of my business, I wanted to combine my education in science, my passion for chemistry with my training in skincare and beauty. Working with herbalists and using my own personal experience, I began creating my own lines of all-natural and nourishing healing serums and creams.

Fair – adjective

a: marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favouritism

// a very fair person to do business with

a: beautiful and pleasing to the eye or mind especially because of fresh, charming, or flawless quality

// those women have some fair looking eyelashes

Maven – noun

a: one who is experienced or knowledgeable: an EXPERT

Fair Maven - Healing Serum - Skin Care - Red Deer, Alberta

The Derma:

Nourishing Skin Care Products

They say that beauty is only skin deep and true beauty comes from inside. This is both true metaphorically and physically. Your skin is your largest and most essential beauty organ. Whatever you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body and filtered through your system. As such, it is vital to consider the ingredients of your skincare regime for complete beauty both inside and out.

Fair Maven’s Serums (Cold Pressed Oils) and Low Inflammatory Oils or LIO Line (Low PUFA) have been specifically designed to factor in your health and beauty both inside and out. Products are all-natural, highly absorbent, nourishing and rich in nutrients. Curated, formulated and produced on the cusp of the Rocky Mountains where we understand the value of nature and its offerings. We take great pride in creating the best products for you.

Furthermore, we believe in our ingredients so much that all products are tested on the finest of humans, not animals.

The Lash:

Eyelash Extensions

Little bits of Black Magic!

As an internationally trained Master Lash Artist and Educator, I have learned that with eyelashes, there is no such thing as one style fits all. Even the most subtle changes can have such a huge impact on your overall look. In a micro-environment where millimetres can make a huge difference, it is extremely important to work closely with each client to ensure the right style, length and VA VA VOOM for their specific taste and desired final look.

Using the perfected technique developed since 2014, Fair Maven’s unique application ensures maximum retention regardless of the style of the eyelash.

Whether you are a full-time Mom, career-driven woman, or planning a relaxing holiday on a beach or mountain – wake up “life-ready” and keep everyone guessing…

Are those lashes real?

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Red Deer, Alberta
Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Classic Lashes - Red Deer, Alberta

Classic Lashes

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Hybrid Lashes - Red Deer, Alberta

Hybrid Lashes

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Classic Lashes - Red Deer, Alberta

Russian Volumes

Fair Maven - Eyelashes and Beauty Studio - Classic Lashes - Red Deer, Alberta

Mega Volumes

Fair Maven - Eyelash Extension Training - Red Deer, Alberta

The Pro:

Eyelash Extension Training

The lash industry is a highly competitive and fickle business. To be a leader in this industry it is important to commit yourself to education and training to not only gain the skills but to keep those skills sharp.

As a master lash artist, I understand the importance of this continuous learning and education and offer a keen eye to correct errors and perfect technique to propel you to the next level as an artist.

Available Fair Maven Eyelash Extension Training:

  • Beginner Classic Lash Training
  • Volume Lash Training
  • 8-Hour Skill “Top-Up”
  • Mentoring Options

After participating in any of our training sessions, you will be fully confident and have a strong foundation and skill set from which to grow as an artist.


What People Are Saying

Jordanna Pearson
Jordanna Pearson
I have been getting my lashes done by Rachel for many months now and I am always so happy with her work!! I bring a challenge with having different eye depths and having surgery on one eye. Rachel is very experienced and her attention to detail is remarkable. I have also recently been using her Fair Maven face serum and it is so moisturizing! And safe to use with my lash extensions. My combination skin is hard to keep happy but the serum satisfies my dry skin and doesn’t bring on any break outs.
Robin Morgan
Robin Morgan
I recently tried the Fair Maven Vitamin E and C Serum. It's the first product that has actually worked on my dry skin. I strongly recommend this serum!!
Parker Finance
Parker Finance
I had tried lashes at a few other places before finding Rachel. Game changer! No clumps no glue on my skin! I didn't know how great they are supposed to look. Thank you for always being professional,reliable and kind.
Reese Penner
Reese Penner
I took her eyelash course that she provides. It was a great experience learnt a lot during the two days. She is very knowledgeable and will make you walk away feeling for confident!
lorelei Easy
lorelei Easy
I took Fair Mavens comprehensive beginner classics lash course. What an experience! I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation to begin my lash career. Very thorough. I left feeling confident knowing that I had all the tools necessary to grow as an artist. Plus the commitment Rachel gave my growth post course with mentoring was really beneficial.
Alina Zalimska
Alina Zalimska
I took my lash training course “Classic extension” in Fair Maven and I really enjoyed it. Rachel is excellent artist, she has very strong base, long term of experience. She cares about her students even after they have completed their courses. Be sure you will receive there great knowledges, models for practice and essential supplies to start! I totally recommend to take their lash training course and I will definitely be back to learn “volume extension”.
Diaham Nieto-Spanninga
Diaham Nieto-Spanninga
Amazing lady, she knows what she is doing and makes sure you are happy with the result. Doesn't rush and does amazing. The serum, oh my, that is another level of goodness
Tammy Hainsworth
Tammy Hainsworth
I love my lashes! Perfect shape, no tangles and they last beautifully! So happy with Fair Maven Derma Lash Pro
Cheryle Battrum
Cheryle Battrum
This was my first experience with lash extensions, and I love how they turned out! Rachel is great, her studio is lovely, and I will definitely be returning. She explained the entire process and was very patient with all my questions. I don't wear much make-up and really wanted natural looking lashes so that I can ditch the daily mascara, and I am really happy with the results. Even my husband (who notices NOTHING!) commented on how nice they look! Thank you Rachel! 😁
Sharianne C.
Sharianne C.
Rachel was awesome! I've never had lashes before, and was scared they would be too thick and caterpillar-ish, like snuffleupagus. They were perfect! Rachel explained it all beforehand and made me so comfortable. Great in-home studio as well.